How We Work

Through our Story Jumpstart process you'll convert new subscribers into hot leads; people who know, like and trust you. Our projects are fast, effective, and run over three phases!

1. Uncover (month 1)

In the first ‘uncover’ part of the process you’ll get the feeling of absolute certainty that your story matters greatly to the people you serve. Through conversation you’ll uncover your story efficiently and in a safe space. You’ll discover unseen wisdom and insight in your stories. You’ll expand your range of available stories so you're never stuck for the right words.

2. Illuminate (month 1)

Next, we’ll pinpoint the best parts of your story to illuminate your message. For each of your stories we’ll ask: how might this be used to shed light on an insight your ideal customer might have missed? You’ll be able to use stories to show rather than tell. It will be clear how your story can illuminate the transformation you provide to your clients.

3. Connect (months 2-5... and onwards)

Finally, we’ll convert your story into a consistent cross-channel publishing schedule. We’ll tell your story in a way that connects with your ideal client at a deep emotional level, in the right media and at the right time. When delivered correctly, your story will position you as the leading authority in your niche. You’ll be the expert at the top of the mountain that people seek out.