Be Seen As The Trusted Authority in Your Niche - Without Slaving Away at the Keyboard

Conversation-driven copywriting. If you can talk a good game, I'll convert your words into great emails (and other media)

You're in the right place if you offer high value services and sell based on trust. Clients need to know, like and trust you before signing up. 

You’re great at what you do, but YOU are the bottleneck in your marketing. You don't get much time to write. You don't fully trust AI. The words you put out to promote your work have to be right. 

You Talk, I'll Write...

  • Conversation-Led Approach: You talk, we'll write!
  • Build a cross-channel marketing system to attract ideal clients
  • No Long-Term Commitments: Start small and Expand Based on Results!
  • Deep Experience in Email Copywriting, Ads Management and Podcasting

Email is STILL the Most Profitable Channel

Email is not dead, dying, or 'going away'. In fact, for high-trust B2B sales, email is the most profitable last-touch media. Clients may find you initially on social, but it's email that convinces them to buy.

The words you publish matter. You've never outsourced your copywriting before. If you have, you've been disappointed with the results. You've had a play with ChatGPT but don't like the output. Frankly, it just doesn't sound like you.

You know you should be emailing your list, but entire months can slip by when you don't send anything.

I do three main things with my clients:

  1. Craft a compelling story-led welcome sequence to new subscribers (called the 'Lead Incubator')
  2. Produce weekly to daily ongoing emails, written in your words and your authentic voice
  3. Convert your emails into blog posts, social posts, lead magnets, books

You'll speak to me once or twice a month. I'll then convert your words into compelling emails, repurposed to other media.

All projects follow three phases, and you can do as much or as little of the full process as you want.

1. Phase 1: Uncover

At the outset of the project we'll have a series of in-depth discussions about your story and your work. As a standalone piece of work I call this the 'Story Jumpstart'. You'll leave the process with a database of stories you might tell in your marketing. You'll understand which stories to tell, and in what places. Learn more:

Story Jumpstart is the launch point for all projects, and can also be done standalone. If you plan to write your own copy, or need to minimise costs, you can combine Story Jumpstart with our monthly training community.

The timescale for Story Jumpstart projects is 3-4 weeks. Enter your details below to express interest in the Story Jumpstart service.

Phase 2: Illuminate

From Month 2 I can provide a quote to implement some or all of your marketing follow-up systems. This can typically include:

  • The welcome email people receive when they sign up
  • The initial email sequence new contacts receive when they sign up
  • Email sequences to new clients to encourage engagement, retention and referrals
  • Ongoing 'newsletter' emails repurposed to blog and social media posts
  • A physical print newsletter to existing or potential clients
  • Full Google Analytics goal tracking setup, plus setup of reports in your CRM / email marketing system

In phase 2 we'll weave your story across your entire customer journey. My work is conversation-driven, so the words I write come from you. I make some use of AI, but I don't let AI touch the final copy.

Pricing at this phase is based on output and can be increased or decreased as needed. I can also train your in-house team if you want to move your marketing in-house.

The timescale for setup projects is typically 3-6 months. The project cost can be paid over 6 months, or upfront with a 5% discount.

Phase 3: Optimise

The third project phase is to review your results and optimise both your automated sequences and ongoing broadcasts. Many variables in an email sequence can impact results, for instance:

  • Number and length of emails
  • Story selection
  • Emotional hooks and benefits
  • Placement and wording of offers
  • The landing page each offer uses
  • Use of proof elements and testimonials

In the 'optimise' phase we'll begin to A/B test different combinations, documenting the results. At this point we can discuss moving to a results-based pricing model, where rather than paying for output you pay a small commission on results generated above an agreed baseline.

The results-based model is optional - some clients prefer to pay for output, which is fine.

The results-based model is also contingent on Phases 1 and 2 being complete, and us having adequate conversion tracking in place. You may need a call-tracking solution if you generate a large volume of phone calls. 

This is the lowest-risk way to expand output, as you only pay for the increase in work if it delivers results!

Book a Free Planning Call

All projects start with a free planning call. We'll discuss your recent emails, list growth plans and requirements going forwards. You'll leave the call knowing exactly what you need to implement. I can then provide a proposal to implement some or all of the phases above.

There's no cost for the initial planning call, and no obligation to continue any further. My aim is to get to the truth, not the sale. If I can't help I'll say so up front.

If you have questions, please call me on (+44)114 551 7114. Leave a voicemail if I can't answer.

What Clients Have Said

"The output of Rob's process delivers far beyond the end of the process. Therefore it's a true investment because it keeps paying dividends..." - Pieter de Villiers

"Working with Rob was relatively easy. He asked questions, he obviously has an innate sense of emotional understanding, and didn't have to ask for my whole life story to get the most important parts of the story. I was surprised at what he was able to produce from such a short conversation!" - Aveline Clark

"Rob's an expert at storytelling. The difficulty a lot of people have is in seeing their own story and recognising it for what it is. Rob is very good at pulling out the story that's already there and packaging it into something useful." - Luke Szyrmer

"We all know we should be communicating with our prospects and clients, especially with regular emails. We know people have short attention spans. The challenge is to say things that are interesting, relevant and useful to potential customers. Rob's process provides a fount of inspiration, and can be applied to anything." - Derek Dearden

"The output we've had from Rob is timeless. We now don't have to keep repeating ourselves, over and over to other copywriters when we have more marketing to create." - Peter Daly-Dickson

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