Nurture Authentic Connections With People Who Need Your Services

I’m Rob. I’m many things; but amongst others I’m a father of two, barefoot runner, longbow archer, craft beer drinker. I’m a copywriter and marketing automation expert.

My first venture into self employment in 2012 as a Google Ads consultant. To attract clients I offered a short report called ‘How To Waste £1000 on AdWords in No Time Flat’. When people signed up they received a series of 15 automated emails introducing me and my story.

I noticed I was getting two types of sales leads...

The first was people who had just found my website and wanted to know how much I charged. I closed a few of these deals, but often they weren’t the best clients to work with.

The second was people who had downloaded the report, read the emails and decided to contact me. These people were more respectful of my time and less price sensitive. More than one said they felt they already ‘knew me’ after reading my email series.

Today I teach coaches and consultants to write stories that sell. I work with a small number 1-1 in an agency arrangement where the writing is done for you. 

It isn't enough to put out great content - the internet is already saturated with information. What's missing is you. Your story. Your perspective. Your unique take on things. Above all else, potential buyers need to know they can trust you.

You’re in the right place if you sell based on trust and need to grow your audience or increase revenue.

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How We Work

Our projects follow three phases. Read more on our services page to get started.

1. Uncover

In the first ‘uncover’ part of the process you’ll get the feeling of absolute certainty that your story matters greatly to the people you serve. Through conversation you’ll uncover your story efficiently and in a safe space. You’ll discover unseen wisdom and insight in your stories. You’ll expand your range of available stories so you're never stuck for the right words.

2. Illuminate

Next, we’ll pinpoint the best parts of your story to illuminate your message. For each of your stories we’ll ask: how might this be used to shed light on an insight your ideal customer might have missed? You’ll be able to use stories to show rather than tell. It will be clear how your story can illuminate the transformation you provide to your clients.

3. Optimise

Finally, we'll monitor and track which versions and combinations of your story convert the most leads into paying clients. We'll A/B test your 'Lead Incubator' sequence, along with any other sequences you use to nurture new potential clients. We'll test and optimise to find the best version of your story to attract a steady stream of ideal clients.