“Once upon a time.”

“In a galaxy far, far away.”

“Daddy, tell us a story!”

Just hearing these words can bring back fond memories of simpler times. Happy times. Times when we didn’t have a care in the world.

People love stories. But did you know they are your secret weapon to capture and keep customers?

Of course, you may be wondering what stories have to do with your business. Keep reading to see how this strategic marketing method quietly implants your message into the minds of your prospects causing them to prefer your business over every competitor.

Stories are the Trojan Horse of marketing. They bypass a person’s automatic defenses against advertising and deliver your message directly into the minds and emotions of your prospects.

When told well, stories create a personal and intense connection between you and your audience. Through this uniquely human channel, they’ll understand you, who you are, why you do what you do, and why they need your business. All of this simply by reading your story.

Think of the priceless bond a story will create between you and your prospects. You won’t be just another anonymous advertiser trying to get their money — you’ll be a familiar friend eager to help them solve their problems and give them what’s in their best interest.

That’s true marketing power!

  • Stories command attention and sear your message into the subconscious of your prospects in a way ordinary ads and offers can never do.
  • Your story invites your prospect to “look” inside your head and experience your passion, expertise, and mission.
  • Your story establishes your commitment to customers and reveals how you will care for them. That instills loyalty in them, increasing customer retention.
  • People buy from friends, and sharing your story allows your customers to know and like you before they meet you. It also establishes you as the expert in your profession.

Stories are marketing’s magic wand.

So how do you unleash the power of your story to increase sales in your business?

What if you don’t think you have a story…or don’t know how to tell it?

Deb Krier has those answers. She’s a marketing expert who discovers and tells the exact story your prospects need to hear.

Deb is skilled at weaving powerful messages to inspire and motivate your prospects and to set you apart from competitors. For over 20 years, her clients have experienced increased traffic and higher sales through her traditional marketing strategies, and now she’s bringing the power of stories to market businesses like yours.

Telling stories is much more than writing down events. It’s a complex combination of situations and outcomes intertwined with emotional triggers to make your prospects respond. This is Deb’s strength and why you need her marketing experience and storytelling abilities to create your personal marketing epic.

Whether your story begins with “Once upon a time,” or “In a galaxy far, far away,” Deb will show you how to craft your story to resonate with your market and let you live happily ever after with more customers and higher sales.

Contact Deb today to learn how she can help you create stories that will capture your audience’s attention, build loyalty, and leave them clamoring for more!